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ELISPOTEnzyme-Linked Immunospot Assay
ELISPOTInterferon-Gamma Enzyme-Linked Immunospot
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IFN-[gamma] and IL-2 ELISPOT assays were performed for the quantification of the responses of the T cells to recombinant AlaDH and ESAT-6/CFP-10 antigens, which were produced in our lab previously, (18) by utilizing a commercially available ELISPT kit (U-CyTech, Utrecht, Netherlands).
To determine whether [beta]-cell specific-reactive T cell autoimmunity is participated in the pathogenesis of FT1D, we used ELISPOT assays to detect T cell response to GAD65, insulin B9-23 peptide, or C peptide in 10 FT1D patients, and 10 healthy controls.
To identify associations between the emergence of certain genotypes and their immunogenicity, we used ELISPOT to measure PPD-induced interferon-y responses in blood samples collected during 2002-2007 from patients infected with M.
The antigen-specific antibody and antibody-forming cells were detected by ELISA and ELISPOT, respectively.
An early project in hospitalised children recorded detectable ELISPOT responses to ESAT-6 or CFP10 in 49 of 70 (70%) children with clinical TB.
Whether the QFT-G or ELISPOT blood tests are more specific or sensitive than the TST in latent or active tuberculosis is still unclear, unlike TST, blood tests do not require a follow-up visit for determining results [21].
Application of the ELISPOT method for comparative analysis of interleukin (IL)-6 and IL-10 secretion in peripheral blood of patients with astroglial tumors.
ELISPOT determination of interferon-gamma T-cell frequencies in patients with autoimmune sensorineural hearing loss.
2007), es por ello la importancia de disenar pruebas posteriores como el ELISPOT con la cual podriamos medir el grado de expresion del INF-[gamma] por parte de los linfocitos T (Alzamora et al.
Cellular immunogenicity was assessed using IFN-[gamma] secretory ELISPOT assay.
This study showed that ELISPOT responses might demonstrate T cell recognition of HIV-specific antigen, but are not useful biomarkers to predict the efficacy of a candidate HIV therapeutic vaccine.