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For instance, rather than rock the boat in response to acknowledged irregularities in the ELJ, the UN under-secretary-general for political affairs chose to call on the Afghan authorities to "address instances where democratic rights have been abused by those who still equated power with violence and force"--many of whom, arguably, were serving in positions of official authority.
Prior to the Hoh River solution, most ELJ projects in the past were constructed for habitat enhancement and relatively small-scale bank protection.
After reviewing the reach analysis, design, past history, and cost data, FHWA determined that the site qualified for funding under the Emergency Relief (ER) program and approved $7 million to implement the ELJ alternative.
The Hoh River ELJ project near MP 174 included construction of four logjam structures in the main channel to divert the river into side channels and help dissipate and redirect the destructive energy.
The WSDOT design team calculated contraction scour, abutment scour, and local pier scour to estimate total scour for all the ELJ structures based on an equivalent bridge pier width.
To stabilize the scour curtain, the sheet pile extends below the depth of maximum expected scour and upward into the base of the ELJ structure.
The analyses indicated that the river would continue to shift throughout its channel migration zone, so the ELJ structures were designed to accommodate changes in the river's location, including a 180-degree change in the channel approach.
Each ELJ structure was set up to 18 meters (60 feet) deep into the riverbed and contains a core matrix of 30 or more large spruce trees with the root-balls still intact and most large branches cut off.
If you would like to receive a copy of the prospectus for ELJ, please visit the American Stock Exchange website at http://www.
PADAM (Partial Androgen Deficiency in Aging Males) and IIEF (International Index of Erectile Function) scores, two widely used indicators of male sexual health, have also both reportedly improved with ELJ supplementation.
Construction drawings named Sullivan Creek ELJ Pilot Project (Sheet C-1 through C-14) shall be the primary reference document for the project.