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ELMOEl Morro National Monument (US National Park Service)
ELMOExpedited Labour Market Opinion (Canada)
ELMOEnough Let's Move On
ELMOEnergy-Localized Molecular Orbital
ELMOElectronic Visual Evidence Presenter (projector used in legal/courtroom presentations)
ELMOElectronically Linked Mission Overlay
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Established in 2002, ELMO provides a combined talent management system that includes solutions for recruitment, onboarding, learning, performance, succession planning, and leave management.
This acquisition will further enable ELMO to deliver essential e-learning capabilities and increase strategic value with clients.
The ELMO EV-4400AF visual presenter, which is connected to a computer and projector in Mercer's classroom, allows her to present abstract ideas in a concrete manner.
Among its many uses, the ELMO presenter enables Mercer to read books to her entire class when she doesn't have enough copies for each student.
Hasbro's BIG HUGS ELMO plush (Photo: Business Wire)
This fall kids will experience magical moments with their favorite red furry friend with the introduction of the BIG HUGS ELMO interactive plush, Hasbro's first feature Elmo toy that can actually hug kids back
But each afternoon the school's ELMO document camera is put to a more ingenious use.
Given that even a low-end document camera costs 10 times more than an overhead projector, it's not surprising that ELMO sold more than 30,000 overhead projectors last year and only about 17,000 document cameras.
Set to take the stage this fall, the LET'S ROCK ELMO interactive plush is ready to rock out as the most innovative and engaging Elmo toy yet, singing and making music with kids in true rock star form.
Our goal with LET'S ROCK ELMO was to create the most interactive Elmo ever and take his special bond with kids to the next level of engagement.
A limited number of ELMO Infinity bundled systems are inclusive with the most popular document camera, the ELMO TT-02RX, and the latest ELMO CRA-1 wireless tablet.
It is ELMO's mission and responsibility to offer all educators the most effective educational technologies and solutions," said Matt Takekoshi, President of ELMO USA.