ELMREnterprise Land Mobile Radio (US DoD)
ELMREstuarine Living Marine Resources (NOAA program)
ELMREnhanced Land Mobile Radio
ELMRElectric Limited Motor Run (model airplanes)
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The STARCOM21 system operates in the 700-800 MHz range and is entirely independent of and working in a different spectrum than the Navy's ELMR system.
Using state cached STARCOM21 radios and tremendous technical support from Lake County Sherriff's Office, a citywide command and control/information network was established that had a gateway connection into the Navy ELMR communications network.
In the case of /a/ and /i/ using ELMR, the best classification accuracy reached a plateau at [lambda] = 0.08 and declined after 0.14.
Currently, estuarine EFH for most federally managed species in the Gulf of Mexico exists as mapped estimates of relative abundance from NOS's estuarine living marine resources (ELMR) database (GMFMC, 1998; Nelson and Monaco, 2000).