ELNOSElliot Lake and North Shore Corporation for Business Development (Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada)
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With AMW being tied up in negotiations with ELNOS, many of those studies had to be sidetracked for the summer.
ELNOS was going to contribute $2 million toward the mill in the form of equity.
But without a deal with ELNOS, there is a chance Algoma Mill Works will lose the wood allocation it was awarded this past spring.
He says he would prefer the mill be centrally located in the ELNOS region in order to benefit more towns with economic spinoffs.
Wishart and Partners and lawyer Gerald Nori are suing after a $70,000 suit ELNOS filed against them last month.
Wishart was asked to accept $50,000 from ELNOS as full payment for working on the Angel Lake-Sartor deal.