ELNSEnterprise Level Notification System
ELNSEller Noe Sånt/Slikt (Norwegian: or something like that/this)
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'Many laboratories across industries need to be able to print a wide range of barcode labels, but not all LIMS and ELNs provide that capability, and the customer will commonly have to purchase and integrate additional software.
This is because as labs handle both structured data (e.g., pH values, masses or quantities of reagents) and unstructured data (e.g., images, chemical formulae), the tackling of both camps has required the design and construction of two distinct software packages: LIMS for structured data and ELNs for unstructured.
The European Leadership Network (ELN) and Salamanca Group co-hosted the latest breakfast briefing part of the Strategic Insight series on The Russian elections and the future of Russian foreign policy.
Laboratory notebooks in the digital era: The role of ELNs in record keeping for chemistry and other sciences.
While the proceeds will be applied to the Maweni project, the ELNs are issued by ARM and investors have recourse to the assets of the entire group.
Santa Clara, CA 6/18/07--Agilent Technologies' Life Science and Analytical Instruments Group has acquired the Kalabie electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) product line from Klee Group.
To expedite the documentation and data-entry process, Ferring decided in 2004 to migrate from paper lab notebooks to an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN).
Others in the industry argue that ELNs should be seen as more than document repositories, that they offer a way for the industry to reexamine how it thinks about knowledge management.
CENSA (Collaborative Electronic Notebook Systems Association, comprised of large corporations and software developers) has been discussing ELNs for many years now.
The benefits of ELNs are clear and varied, but it can be overwhelming selecting the right ELN for your laboratory.
Because there's such a premium on doing things quickly in food and beverage R&D, interest in deploying ELNs to drive more efficient knowledge-sharing and documentation is moderated by fears about getting embroiled in an IT project that drags on for months.
Despite these advantages, potential users of ELNs have been reluctant to transition to a paperless laboratory.