ELOGElectronic Logbook
ELOGEvent Logging
ELOGElectronic Log
ELOGEpitaxial Lateral Over-Growth
ELOGEmitter Log
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2 million verified signatures.Addressing the press at their offices in Nairobi, Elog national coordinator Mulle Musau also said they were not allowed by IEBC to assess all the forms containing signatures for verification.
In addition to the thumbs-up from foreign monitors, Kenya's ELOG domestic observation group, which had 8,300 agents on the ground, published a parallel vote tally on Saturday that conformed with the official results.
Currently the SRHS eLog requires the following fields to be completed for each trip: date(s) and duration of the fishing trip; vessel and captain's names; number of anglers and number of paying passengers; number of crew, number of gallons of fuel used, and price per gallon of fuel; geographic location of fishing activity in latitude and longitude degrees and minutes (optional point and click maps); minimum and maximum of primary depths fished; number of individuals of each caught species that were kept; and number of individuals of each caught species that were released either alive or dead.
The ELog Studies target audience will primarily be civilian logistics management specialists in the ranks of GS-12 through GS-14 and midgrade through senior military personnel working in or preparing for positions at the enterprise level (for example, at the Army Materiel Command, Defense Logistics Agency, or U.S.
In this study, we introduced the interruption-free epitaxial lateral overgrowth (IFELOG) technology, a relatively efficient technique developed to simplify template fabrication while keeping the advantages of ELOG. This technology can also control void shapes using a patterned Si[O.sub.2] A1N/sapphire template and obtain an uninterrupted growth in metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD).
We've begun final planning for the Expeditionary Combat Support System, which is a critical component of the Air Force's eLog21 initiative [see <http://www.af.mil/library/eLog21.asp> for more information on eLog 21].
The EMO display also showed off a software package called the Freedom eLog, a Web-based shop-floor control that monitors machines' progress in real time and gives a current overview of production via graphs and tables.
The Greek Milk Organisation (ELOG), a legal person governed by private law which falls within the public sector, concluded a number of successive fixed-term employment contracts with the plaintiffs, the last of which was not renewed, and the claimants subsequently demanded a declaration that the contracts at issue had to be regarded as employment contracts of indefinite duration.
The site also includes a Health eLog feature where patients can enter their blood pressure, blood sugar level, cholesterol level, body temperature, weight, heart rate, and pain level.
An intelligent logistics monitoring system is at the heart of a program called expeditionary logistics for the 21st century, or eLog, which aims for a 20 percent increase in system availability by 2007.
We are making great strides in using lean manufacturing methodology in our eLOG 21 initiative.