ELOPElectro - Optics
ELOPEnglish Language and Orientation Program (Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA)
ELOPExpress Love App
ELOPEast London Out Project (est. 1995; London, England, UK)
ELOPEmergency Lube Oil Pump (develops emergency oil pressure to main reduction gears of ships)
ELOPEarly Learning Outreach Program (Renton, WA)
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References in classic literature ?
"What I mean is, if anyone talks to you about it, please don't contradict it if they say he eloped with somebody."
On the quarter-deck, the mates and harpooneers were dancing with the olive-hued girls who had eloped with them from the Polynesian Isles; while suspended in an ornamented boat, firmly secured aloft between the foremast and mainmast, three Long Island negroes, with glittering fiddle-bows of whale ivory, were presiding over the hilarious jig.
Kenwigs and Susan, yesterday was a week she eloped with a half-pay captain!'
From various conversations, at odds and ends of spare time, I discovered that Doctor Dulcifer had begun life as a footman in a gentleman's family; that his young mistress had eloped with him, taking away with her every article of value that was her own personal property, in the shape of jewelry and dresses; that they had lived upon the sale of these things for some time; and that the husband, when the wife's means were exhausted, had turned strolling-player for a year or two.
But, as the law hath foolishly omitted this office of vice-husband, or guardian to an eloped lady, and as malice is apt to denominate him by a more disagreeable appellation, it was concluded that his lordship should perform all such kind offices to the lady in secret, and without publickly assuming the character of her protector.
There was a desk pushed back against the wall, which the irregular ceiling eloped down to meet behind it, and at my left was a window, which gave a good light on the writing-leaf of my desk.
"As you say, we have had dull times since the steel and grindstone eloped and left us.
As soon as it was recognised and carried home, the faithful valet, true to his master's creed, eloped with all the cash and movables he could lay his hands on, and started as a finished gentleman upon his own account.
He is the man with whom you eloped that day when you gave us all such a fright--Mr.
My younger sister has left all her friends-- has eloped; has thrown herself into the power of-- of Mr.
He read of sickly Elizabeth Barrett, who for years had not placed her feet upon the ground, until that day of flame when she eloped with Browning and stood upright, upon the earth, under the open sky; and what Browning had done for her, Martin decided he could do for Ruth.
Huntingdon's death Lady Lowborough eloped with another gallant to the Continent, where, having lived a while in reckless gaiety and dissipation, they quarrelled and parted.