ELPSEnglish Language Proficiency Standards (various locations)
ELPSEquitable Life Payment Scheme (UK)
ELPSEducational Leadership and Policy Studies (various locations)
ELPSEast Lansing Public Schools (Michigan)
ELPSEnglish Language Professional Services
ELPSElectronic Long Paper Short (electronic publishing)
ELPSExperience, Language, Pictures, Symbols (education)
ELPSExtended Librarian Interactive Productivity Service (Sprint)
ELPSExtra-Lobar Pulmonary Sequestrations (nonfunctional lung tissue masses)
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References in classic literature ?
He 'elped me to lift the boxes and put them in the dray.
We are working together for a common hobject, and any little 'elp I can provide is given freely.'
'It was not my place, sir, to make any remark while in the dining-room, but I could not 'elp but hoverhear the conversation.
"'I didn't mean it Tommy,' 'e was snifflin'; 'so 'elp me Gawd, I didn't mean it!' "'I'll fix yer bloody well right,' I sez, an' kept right after 'im.
"I wish you'd give me a little something, and not be more vulgar than you can 'elp."
"We couldn't 'elp noticing," said Cloke slowly, "from the times you walked there, that you an' your lady was drawn to it, but--but I don't know as we ever precisely thought--" His wife's glance checked him.
'A classic example in Nigeria is the Escravos to Lagos gas Pipeline System (ELPS).
HM Treasury on Tuesday revealed that the British government's Equitable Life Payments Scheme (ELPS) has now issued GBP973m worth of payments.
Chemical conjugation of ELP to PA: Expression and purification of ELP with a primary sequence of [VPGVG]40, where G = glycine, P = proline, and V = valine, and a molecular weight of 17,00 Da has been described elsewhere [8].
Embassy in New Delhi involved more than 175 ELPs and featured a bazaar at Deputy Chief of Mission Donald Lu's residence, where there were elephant rides, local crafts and henna body decoration, an Indian tradition.
"In addition, we have also managed to lower the production costs per watt." At Intersolar Europe in June 2011, Canadian Solar first showcased the ELPS solar PV cells to the public, now this breakthrough technology is being integrated into the company's module series.
Canadian Solar, Inc (NASDAQ: CSIQ), a solar energy company, has launched its proprietary new ELPS solar cell technology.