ELRRExtra Low Rolling Resistance
ELRREconomic and Labour Relations Review (Centre for Applied Economic Research and Industrial Relations Research Centre; University of New South Wales; Australia)
ELRREnhanced Laryngeal Reflex Reactivity
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We are delighted to announce that from March 2013, ELRR will be published by SAGE Publications Ltd.
Since 2007, readers may have noticed the continuous improvement in the production values of ELRR, which are attributable to the meticulous attention to accuracy and design that is Jason's passion.
The new structure is problematic, and a reasonable question is whether or not these eight new papers justify a second volume in addition to the ELRR special issue.
It was generously translated by Dr Joseph Halevi of Sydney University, who would probably debate Professor Sapelli's view of globalisation--an indication that ELRR is supported by scholars from a range of critical perspectives.
This special issue also includes a refereed article by a third member of the ELRR Advisory Board, Professor Charles Woolfson, co-written with doctoral student Epp Kallaste from Tartu University in Estonia.
Where Australia's particular modification of the standard male breadwinner-based employment relationship sits within international comparisons, and its relationship to gendered forms of precarious employment, are questions addressed in an important new book by Vosko, MacDonald and Campbell (2009), reviewed on pages 133-138 of this ELRR issue.
This article is an invited response to a review by Ian Hampson that appeared in ELRR 18 (2), pp.