ELRTEducational Leadership, Research and Technology (North Carolina Central University and Western Michigan University)
ELRTEast Lancashire Rapid Transit (UK)
ELRTElephant Light Rail Transit (art structure; Winnipeg, Canada)
ELRTExact Likelihood Ratio Test
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ELRT is used to find the next hop node that retrieved the neighbor nodes of the current active node.
ELRT algorithm retrieves the neighbor nodes based on distance using DSRC.
ELRT uses speed as a second parameter to retrieve the neighboring nodes in VANET.
We implemented the ELRT protocol under ns3 and compared it with CLWPR and GPSR.
In understanding ELRT, it is important to understand the problems faced by executives responsible for directing decisions about their companies' environmental liability:
ELRT offers most companies a very sensible solution.
Around the same time, another ELRT consisting of Lt.
As the ELRT usually consists of only a handful of people, it is imperative that we leverage the in-depth knowledge and local personal contacts of the husbanding contractors in order to ensure we get what we need, where and when we need it, and at the best possible price," said Mullin.
The ELRT is a beach detachment on steroids," said ELET handler LCDR Gene Griffith.
The ELRT provides a stop gap for the FLSS and can continue on to serve as the FLSS if events warrant.
The ELRT volunteers were trained on the Automated Manifesting System-Tactical (AMS-TAC) and One Touch Support (OTS) systems.
One Touch Support is a great tool for anyone, but especially valuable for the ELRT," said Griffith.