ELSDElectronic Limited Slip Differential
ELSDElectric Limited Slip Differential
ELSDEvaporative Light Scattering Detector
ELSDEvaporative Light Scattering Detection (molecule identification procedure; cell biology)
ELSDElectronic Limited Slip Differential (automotive)
ELSDEarth Leakage Sensing Device
ELSDEumusa Leaf Spot Disease (plants)
ELSDEast Lycoming School District (Hughesville, PA)
ELSDelectronic limited slip device
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Available '05 Grand Cherokee 4WD system combines 2-speed transfer case with front and rear Electronic Limited-Slip Differentials (ELSD), which instantly detect fire slip and redistribute torque to times with the most traction and sometimes proactively sense impending slip and prevent it; ELSD at both axles is an industry first.
For this study, SEM was used to produce three-dimensional views of ELSD development from geographically distinct areas along the New England coast for site comparisons.
After optimization of the settings for the Varex MKIII ELSD, the drift tube temperature was set at 120[degrees]C, and the carrier gas flow (air) was set at 41.
No fewer than four companies introduced new ELSD models at Pittcon this year.
The ELSD can be used alone or with the LTA to detect nonchromophoric, semi-volatile, and nonvolatile compounds, even when the HPLC separation requires highly aqueous mobile phases.
They are also suited for OEM life science instrumentation, such as gel and blot imagers, real-time PCR systems, cytometers, colony counters, microplate readers, gene array readers, ELSD detectors for HPLC and label-free systems using Surface Plasmon Resonance.
A LSD measures the light scattered from solid solute particles that remain after nebulization and, in the case of ELSD, evaporation of the mobile phase.
The ELSD can be used alone or with the LTA[TM] to detect nonchromophoric, semi-volatile and non-volatile compounds.
The drift tube temperature for the ELSD was set at 40[degrees]C with a nebulizing gas pressure of 30 psi and the spray parameter was set 40% at a gain of 500.
By integrating ELSD functionality, the overall footprint of the system is greatly reduced when compared to the use of an external detector.
The ELSD can be used alone or with the LTA[TM] to detect non-chromophoric, semi-volatile and non-volatile compounds.