ELTREuropean Liver Transplant Registry (est. 1997)
ELTRExceptional Leave to Remain (UK residency)
ELTREnemies Laid to Rest (band)
ELTREPU (Extended Power Uprate) Licensing Topical Report (nuclear)
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Rubina Mustafa, Project Manager ELTR briefed the members about achievements and future programmes.
She highlighted efforts of ELTR project team to refine ELT culture in the country.
The key purpose of this meeting was to review the reforms ELTR project brought since last 10 years from its inception in 2004 and to devise mechanism for sustainability of ELT reforms.
Keeping in view the precarious ELT situation the meeting emphasized to develop an action plan to improvise ELTR functions and activities to train English faculty and to develop English Language Centres to offer efficient English Language mechanics to teachers that meet international standards.
A steady ELTR indicates that the company's annual expenditures to settle its environmental liabilities are offset by annual increases to its environmental reserves.
If a company's ELTR is not declining over time, the company can offer an explanation.
In addition to IRP trainings, US Embassy and ELTR launched an exclusive online professional development programme "ELTeach" for English teachers teaching English at intermediate level.
The efforts of ELTR and US Embassy to take initiatives for professional growth of teachers must be appreciated.
Noor Amna Malik highlighted achievements of ELTR Project since its inception and briefed the audience about IRP trainings and initiatives with US Embassy.
It is worth mentioning that the ELTR Project was launched on the recommendations of NCE in July 2004 to bring qualitative improvement in English Language teaching and Learning.
By ISLAMABAD, March 29, 2010 (Balochistan Times): After the successful completion of Phase-I of English Language Teaching Reforms (ELTR) , the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is starting the Phase-II of ELTR from April with an initial target of training 1400 English Language Teaching (ELT) faculty of colleges and universities across the country.
Programme Development Officer of the ELTR project, Sabeen Atif was the coordinator of the course.