ELVIREEnquête sur l'Usage des Langues Vivantes dans la Recherche Publique en France (French: Investigation into the Use of Foreign Languages in Public Research in France)
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Sabel; bernhard.sabel@med.ovgu.de and Elvire Vaucher; elvire.vaucher@umontreal.ca
Thereafter, Allis turns to an extensive consideration of Fifine at the Fair and the various themes (Don Juan, his wife Elvire, and the temptress Fifine) which Bantock creates for his orchestral work of the same name (1901-2).
Finalmente en este apartado destacamos el trabajo de Elvire Ntsaga Schummer, <<Didactica de la lengua: el porvenir de la lengua espanola frente a la sociedad gabonesa>>, donde la autora destaca la situacion multilingue presente en Gabon, principalmente en Libreville.
Among the invited guests was Elvire Cowell of Liverpoo the German invasion of Belgium in 1914.
"We cannot rely heavily on exporting our products because of the high cost of production in Lebanon, which makes our items less competitive compared to oil products from other regional countries," said Elvire Kettaneh, director of Slim Oil in Lebanon.
Le grand amour du poete etait Elvire, selon tous les indices du poeme A Elvire: << Avec tes boucles d'orees/ Approche, ma chere Elvire ...
The words of the religious hypocrite Tartuffe assure Elvire, the object of his lecherous advances, that Heaven is open to special deals or 'accommodations of its laws when circumstances seem to make it attractive.
It makes eminent sense to subdivide the piece into a "Prologue" followed by an "Expository Space" and a "Recapitulatory Space" flanking a central body focusing on the themes and image depictions associated with the respective Female protagonists Fifine and Elvire. However, the hypothetical "deformational sonata structure (expository material with three tonal centres, no development section, multiple restatements)" (p.
With reporting from France by Steven Erlanger and Elvire Camus of The Times.
(40) Mlle Dupin had a few important roles, including Elvire in Le festin de pierre, her sister only two roles, although earlier she had been celebrated in tragedy for jeunes princesses and in comedy for breeches roles.
En el primero, "Poetica de la figura femenina en la obra de Vargas Llosa" (281-314), Elvire Gomez Vidal observa la representacion de la mujer en su novelistica; de este modo, observa su inclusion periferica, plana y limitada y su oposicion estereotipada entre mujeres de mala vida y mujeres decentes (285).