ELutEvangelical Lutheran
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MS measured m/z 2968.5 for [[M + H].sup.+] ([C.sub.133][H.sub.210][N.sub.36][O.sub.39]S, calculated molecular weight, 2968.1) [13]; [[sup.68]Ga] Ga[Cl.sub.3] was eluted from a [sup.68]Ge/[sup.68]Ga-generator (ITG, Germany) with 0.05 M HCl.
Both the extracts (ExF and ExMR) were analyzed by HPLC-MS and showed four major eluted constituents (Tables 1 and 2), two anthocyanins, cyanidin 3-(6"-malonyl) glucoside (CMG, [t.sub.R] 18.9 min) and cyanidin 3-glucoside (C3G, [t.sub.R] 15.2 min) and two O-glycosylated flavonoids, hesperidin (Hd, [t.sub.R] 18.5 min) and narirutin (Nr, [t.sub.R] 13.5 minFigure 2).
Determination of quinolone antibiotics in bovine liver using agilent bond elut QuEChERS kits by LC/MS/MS.
Each 1-liter (L) sample was extracted by drawing through the 10 mL SPE cartridge containing Bond Elut C-18 (500 mg).
For the separation and isolation of [[sup.123]I]-1 reversed phase chromatography was performed on a Waters Spherisorb S5ODS2 (150 x 4.6 mm) applying a Varian Bond Elut C18 (1 mL 100 mg) cartridge.
arcane tel elut pour confident Le jonc vaste et jumeau dont sous l'azur on joue: Qui, detournant a soi le trouble de la joue Reve, dans un solo long, que nous amusions La beaute d'alentour par des confusions Fausses entre elle-meme et notre chant credule: Et de faire aussi haut que l'amour se module Evanouir du songe ordinaire de dos Ou de flanc pur suivis avec mes regards clos, Une sonore, vaine et monotone ligne.
1993, "NMR lipid profiles of cells, tissues and body fluids: Neutral, nonacidic and acidic phospholipid analysis of Bond Elut chromatographic fractions," J.
The diluted sample was passed through a Bond Elut strong anion exchange column (Varian, Walnut Creek, CA) for purification.
Input components include a gradient former for mixing binary ingredients with a linear or stepped profile, injection valve for direct application up to 5 ml, sample loop for 2 to 20 ml volumes, 100 ml sample chamber and Prep Elut dry application column for complex and sparingly soluble samples.
Some Iban had heard that Hudden was being hidden by the Sa'ban, and four of them (three brothers, Bum, Tangi, and Elut and their friend Lindang) set out to find him.
- To examine the metabolites produced by Dysidea, crude extracts were separated using a Bond Elut silica column with a gradient of 5-30% ethyl acetate: hexanes.