EMALSElectromagnetic Aircraft Launch System
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EMALS is a complete carrier-based launch system designed for Gerald R.
Daniel Radocaj, the test pilot from Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 23 (VX 23) who made the first EMALS manned launch.
The mission and function of EMALS remains the same as the steam catapult; however, EMALS employs entirely different technologies.
Reed went on to credit the development of GA's winning EMALS technology to the skills and basic technologies developed under General Atomics' fusion research program.
The EMALS project is perhaps one of the more striking examples of this.
The major challenge of the EMALS system is exactly that: delivering precisely controlled amounts of pulsed power to the electromagnetic system that accelerates the airplanes off of the carrier deck.
As a result, we have every confidence that our EMALS team will meet or exceed the Navy's performance, reliability, manning, maintenance and total ownership cost goals.
The PDRR phase will culminate in a land-based demonstration of EMALS hardware in the third quarter of 2003.