EMAMEEastern Mediterranean Association of Medical Editors
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Chief Editor of Pak J Med Sci is founder member of Eastern Mediterranean Association of Medical Editors (EMAME) and currently holds the office of Secretary, the post to which he was elected for the second time at the last EMAME Conference held at Shiraz, Iran in 2015.
DME required for any other part of the approach, such as the stepdown at EMAME, will be noted.
WHO EMRO is collaborating with EMAME to ensure professional capacity building of the Editors and its positive results are now visible.
Jafary President of EMAME who could not attend due to health reasons, was shown to the participants.
Jafary President of EMAME also brieflyspokeonthisoccasion.
The objective of various bodies like COPE EMAME WAME and PAME are to treat lack of knowledge cause of ethical misbehavior among editors and researchers.
Farhad Handjani President-elect of EMAME who is on the faculty of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences can be contacted to work out the details of this cooperation.
John Arokiasamy the outgoing President of Asia Pacific Association of Medical Editors in his address said that they value the help and guidance which they received from WHO and EMAME which helped us form APAME.
Jafary the founder Chief Editor of Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences and President of EMAME.
Shaukat Ali Jawaid General Secretary of EMAME pointed out that the conference was aimed at promoting collaboration and exchange among editors, authors, researchers and publishers of medical journals and improving the quality of research.
00 AM sharp had been devoted to "What PAME, EMAME and WHO can do for the Editors" will be moderated by Dr.