EMARSSEnhanced Medium Altitude Reconnaissance Surveillance System (US Army)
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The aircraft, a Hawker Beechcraft King Air 350ER, has been modified to replicate the design of the EMARSS aircraft's external fuselage.
First flight is a huge accomplishment, and I'm particularly grateful to Summit Aviation for their hard work in modifying the aircraft,' said Randy Price, EMARSS program manager for Boeing.
That FAA certification supports the airworthiness release to be issued by the Army Engineering Directorate for EMARSS,' Price said.
The army is purchasing four EMARSS aircraft in fiscal year 2014 for $84.
The EMARSS strategy includes a total of twenty-four systems which are a mix of new-build EMARSS and transitioned QRC systems including five Constant Hawk systems, three TACOPS systems with LIDAR sensors, and four MARSS with EO/IR and COMINT sensors.
EMARSS is intended to provide previously unachievable levels of situational awareness directly to tactical commanders at the lowest levels where forces are in direct contact.
EMARSS will leverage DCGS-A developments in common software for its sensor operator interface and intelligence processing/fusion capabilities via SIPRNET and NSANet networks.
Like EMARSS, ARL-E will support collection requirements of BCTs and other echelons across the full ROMO.
EMARSS aircraft are designed to detect, locate, identify and track surface targets, day or night, in almost any weather conditions.