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EMATElement Matrix
EMATElectro-Magnetic Acoustic Transducer
EMATEmergency Medical Assistance Team
EMATEmergency Management Association of Tennessee
EMATEthnic Minorities Achievement Team
EMATExternally Modulated and Amplified Transmitter
EMATEffluent Microtox Acute Toxicity
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The award was presented at the Emergency Management Association of Tennessee (EMAT) annual conference on October 24, 2018 in Chattanooga.
On the other hand, it is not advisable to significantly increase the induction of the polarization magnetic field, since the EMAT attractive force to the ferromagnetic product will be significant.
The acoustic wave passes the material boundary and creates dynamic electromagnetic fields in a conductive material exposed to a steady magnetic field, which then can be detected by a received EMAT. The inverse effect applies whereby the acoustic wave forces the charged particles to move with the aid of the magnetic field of permanent magnet bias.
Figure 2 shows the power flows of the fluid-type torque converter and the eMAT in a low gear ratio or moving-off mode where the input speed is higher than the output speed.
Hutchins, "Ultrasonic Lamb wave tomography using scanned EMATs and wavelet processing," Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation, vol.
One of the common problems of EMAT systems is to ensure a sufficient level of static magnetic field in the object of control.
"The DAR has more than enough grounds to terminate the services of Celestiano not only because he continues to defy the DARDENR administrative order and the directive of his superior to proceed with CARP through the survey but also by acting as defender and lawyer of the Fortich family, who are not even the registered owners of the landholding and thus have no right to protest or question the CARP coverage of the estate," Emat said.
Other innovations followed, such as low-field MFL (LFM), which measures mechanical stress and hard spots; XYZ Mapping technology, which assists operators in calculating bending strain, improving alignment sheets, and pinpoint accuracy of defect excavation sites; SpirALL MFL technology which assesses the longitudinal axis of the pipe for crack-like defects; and SpirALL Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer (Emat) technology, for the detection of cracks.
30 35 Company name Core Product ABH Enterprises, LLC Advix EHR and Advix eMAT Accumedic AccuMed AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions ARPlus Angel Systems, Inc.
Oceaneering adds the Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) service line of Spectrum to its existing Oceaneering Asset Integrity business segment, which it aims to boost by leveraging its global presence, the buyer further stated.
The EMAT team was activated and a "MASH" unit provided health care services to the community in the aftermath.
Fan, "Detection of cracks in metal sheets using pulsed laser generated ultrasound and EMAT detection," Ultrasonics, vol.