EMATSElectromagnetic Acoustic Transducers
EMATSEmergency Message Automated Transmission System
EMATSEmergency Military Alerting Telecommunications System
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"We are privileged to play a role in improving water service for residents and businesses in the Wytheville-Fort Chiswell area," said Jon Bowerbank, founder, president and CEO of EMATS. "These are developments that will be of tremendous benefit to that region for many years to come."
Hutchins noted that, in principle, EMATs and air-coupled detectors could be placed in arrays to produce fast image scans.
EmatScan[TM] CD--The electro-magnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) technology on inspection tools is designed to find cracks in gas pipelines.
This article looks at third-generation enhancements to electro magnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) inline inspection technology for dry gas pipelines.
EmatScan CD applies PII Pipeline Solutions' Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) technology to the unique demands of inline inspection (ILl) runs in gas pipelines by detecting and measuring a greater range of defects compared to existing technologies.
PII Pipeline Solutions recently unveiled what is said to be the first pipeline inspection tool based on Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) technology.