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EMBNetEuropean Molecular Biological Network
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Ejemplo de estas redes incluyen la EMBnet, RIBO y Soibio, especializadas en bioinformatica, donde instituciones como la Universidad Racional de Colombia ha participado desde hace mas de cinco anos.
Esta herramienta es el resultado de un esfuerzo combinado entre el nodo EMBnet de Argentina y el nodo EMBnet de Belgica (Rice et al., 2000).
WAIS servers were used to publish books such as Roget's Thesaurus, electronic journals such as the Bryn Mawr Classical Review, indexes such as the Journalism Periodicals Index, discussion lists such as Humanist, current contents services such as EMBNET (literature references taken from the table of contents of major molecular biology journals) and Current Cites (library technology).
The following eight programs were selected from a broad range of transmembrane prediction algorithms on the basis of published quality evaluations (Moller et al., 2001; Chen & Rost 2002): DAS from Stockholm University (Cserzo et al., 1997); HMMTOP from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Tusnady & Simon 2001); SOSUI from Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology (Mitaku et al., 2002); TMHMM from the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis in Denmark (Krogh et al., 2001); TMPred from EMBnet (Hoffmann & Stoffel 1993); TopPredII from Stockholm University (Claros & von Heijne 1994); SMART from EMBL (Letunic et al., 2002) and SAPS from ISREC (Brendel et al., 1992).