EMBRExtended Master Boot Recording
EMBRElectromagnetic Brake
EMBRExtended Master Boot Record (area of a hard disk)
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Working with German resin supplier Covestro (on whose booth Embr was exhibiting at CES), Shames said his team opted to use Makrolon[R] 2407, a UV-stabilized grade of polycarbonate and then compounded diffusers and optical brighteners into the resin to achieve the desired visual effect.
Bed wear###7,422###Tule, lace, embr. Etc###226###Other machinery###155
But the move will prove controversial at a time when church and pro-life groups are trying to mobilise political support to stop any future experiments involving hybrid human and animal embr yos.
The hormone testosterone brings about the changes and gives the embr yo its masculine traits.
He was engulfed by Woosnam's wife Glendryth, his family, his team-mates and Tiger Woods, who held him in the tenderest of embr aces.
6 letters CCv.CCv GLO.SSE (34.43) PRO.NTO (49.49) Cvv.Cvv MAI.RIE (23.32) TAI.PEI (30.30) vCC.vCC EXP.OST (45.54) UTM.OST (54.54) vvC.vvC AUT.OED (42.24) AER.IAN (24.24) 8 letters CCCv.CCCv TSRE.NCHA (62.26) Bul SCHA.CKLE (31.31) CCvC.CCvC STUM.BLER (73.37) FREC.KLED (32.32) CCvv.CCvv TSOU.NGOU(75.57) Co CHIO.NKAI (35.35) Mal CvCC.CvCC JUGG.LERS (45.54) BAGGBACK (17.17)Sw CvCv.CvCv FOCA.LIZE (25.52) MEDI.CINE (31.31) Cvvv.Cvvv PAUA.REOA (39.39) FP vCCC.vCCC ABSC.ONDS (25.52) EMBR.ANDS (38.38) vCvC.vCvC OPER.ATES (54.45) EVOC.ATES (45.45) vCvv.vCvv ANAA.OTOU (17.71) FP UROI.ULUI (63.63) Rom vvCC.vvCC IECT.OURS (37.73) AIRM.AILS (41.41) ch vvCv.vvCv.
This, very likely inadvertent, act of un-naming potentially usurps the particularity suggested in the term negritude as well as contests the negritude writers' desire to position themselves in an African heritage rather than in the hegemonic and often tyrannical embr ace of universalism located in ancient Greek culture.
If Pitkin is right, and I think that she is, then we should be able to embr ace the green critique of instrumentalism that Torgerson elaborates and at the same time honor the fact that even the most creative or expressive forms of environmental activism--if at all meaningful--have a purpose or an end outside themselves.
It has come to embr ace core concepts and the minutiae of personal, societal, national, and international relations, along with each and every other observance within Judaism.