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EMBRACEEthnic Minority and Black Regional Action for Community Empowerment (UK)
EMBRACEEducating Myself for Better Racial Awareness and Cultural Enrichment
EMBRACEEfficient Millimeter Broadband Radio Access for Convergence and Evolution
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Perceiving further, that in order to understand these relations I should sometimes have to consider them one by one and sometimes only to bear them in mind, or embrace them in the aggregate, I thought that, in order the better to consider them individually, I should view them as subsisting between straight lines, than which I could find no objects more simple, or capable of being more distinctly represented to my imagination and senses; and on the other hand, that in order to retain them in the memory or embrace an aggregate of many, I should express them by certain characters the briefest possible.
Athos bowed whilst pressing the hand of Aramis, and turned to embrace Porthos with emotion.
"It is strange," thought he, "whence comes the inclination I feel to embrace Porthos once more?" At that moment Porthos turned round, and he came towards his old friend with open arms.
'Mother, why do you not stay still when I would embrace you?
"After her I saw Iphimedeia wife of Aloeus who boasted the embrace of Neptune.
As soon as he had tasted the blood, he knew me, and weeping bitterly stretched out his arms towards me to embrace me; but he had no strength nor substance any more, and I too wept and pitied him as I beheld him.
On returning home I deferred for a time my desire to embrace all mankind.
"I believe, by Heaven," said D'Artagnan, "that I shall embrace him, since he's upon our road; and if he is so unfortunate as to lose our dear Athos, from that very day he becomes my son."
We will embrace Raoul, and perhaps he will have news of Athos."
"Stop -- an idea!" cried Porthos; "indeed, my dear D'Artagnan, I don't know how you manage, but you are always full of ideas; let us go and embrace Raoul."
Close Jove's keen eyes for me in slumber while I hold him clasped in my embrace, and I will give you a beautiful golden seat, that can never fall to pieces; my clubfooted son Vulcan shall make it for you, and he shall give it a footstool for you to rest your fair feet upon when you are at table."
With this the son of Saturn caught his wife in his embrace; whereon the earth sprouted them a cushion of young grass, with dew-bespangled lotus, crocus, and hyacinth, so soft and thick that it raised them well above the ground.