EMCCDElectron Multiplying Charge Coupled Device
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One of the most spectacular contributions made possible by EMCCD cameras was the development of super-resolution localization microscopy.
Images were captured on an electron multiplying charge coupled device camera (EMCCD Evolve 512, Roper) with 512 x 512 pixels.
An acquisition time of 300 ms and an EMCCD gain of 3800 were used for both systems, for all samples, except for the GFP control.
Ionita et al., "Image acquisition, geometric correction and display of images from a 2x2 x-ray detector array based on electron multiplying charge coupled device (EMCCD) technology," in Medical Imaging 2013: Physics of Medical Imaging, vol.
Unlike Electron Multiplying CCD cameras (EMCCD), the PIC-75 does not require cooling of its CCD sensor, thus avoiding condensation problems.
To image the light emitted from the 605 nm QD we used a custom made filter cube (Leica HQ420/40x + 1064, z440/1065rpc, and HQ605/40m-2p) which allowed the 420 nm light from the mercury lamp to be reflected up to the sample and only allowed the emitted 605 nm light to be transmitted to the EMCCD camera (Ixon, Andor).
Fluorescence intensity maps were measured using a Nikon Eclipse Ti inverted wide-field microscope equipped with an Andor iXon Du-888 EMCCD detector cooled to -75[degrees]C for low dark current values.
The 18-kg turret can carry up to seven payloads, which include the new diode-pumped LD module, an EMCCD low-light tactical laser rangefinder, an eye-safe laser rangefinder and a laser illuminator/pointer.
Its products include low light EMCCD cameras, color
The solution reportedly enhances the day-to-day quantitative reliability of the technology, and circumvents the need to return back-illuminated EMCCD cameras to the factory for recalibration.