EMCDElectroMagnetic Compatibility Directive
EMCDEquimolar Counter-Diffusion
EMCDExtractive Metallurgy Chapter of Denver (Denver, CO)
EMCDElectro-Mechanical Control Diagram (US NASA)
EMCDEnergy-loss Magnetic Chiral Dichroism
EMCDEmerging Market Credit Derivatives (investment tool)
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Manufactured and supplied in Japan for many years, this latest application of GKN Driveline's EMCD coupling is being manufactured for the first time in Europe at the company's Bruneck facility in northern Italy.
With the all-new Countryman ALL4, MINI has taken a big step in expanding the remarkable MINI range and we are delighted that GKN Driveline's EMCD coupling is a part of helping to deliver a successful and unique AWD package," said Rob Rickell, global engineering director, GKN Driveline.
Our re-engineered EMCD products also made a successful launch on the Nissan Murano.
The new EMCD has a lightweight aluminum case, improved responsiveness and higher energy savings by minimizing electrical use.