EMCDElectroMagnetic Compatibility Directive
EMCDEquimolar Counter-Diffusion
EMCDExtractive Metallurgy Chapter of Denver (Denver, CO)
EMCDElectro-Mechanical Control Diagram (US NASA)
EMCDEnergy-loss Magnetic Chiral Dichroism
EMCDEmerging Market Credit Derivatives (investment tool)
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Provision is in relation to 2 pieces of EU legislation are the RED - Radio equipment directive (2014/53/EU) and the EMCD Electromagnetic directive (2014/30/EU).
provision is in relation to two pieces of eu legislation are the red - radio equipment directive (2014/53/eu) and the emcd electromagnetic directive (2014/30/eu).
Tenders are invited for Supply Installation Testing And Commissioning Of Set Of Spares Suitable For Emcd Spring Testing Machine,Detailed Description As Per Enclosure.