EMCEFEuropean Mine, Chemical and Energy Workers' Federation
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Declaraciones Declaracion de CoESS y Euro- (22) Fiet sobre la futura ampliacion de la UE (11/06/1999) Declaracion de EuroCommerce y UNI-Europa sobre la responsabilidad social de las empresas (5/11/2003) Herramientas Informe de Eurelectric, EMCEF (de Formacion y FSESP sobre la formacion y Accion) (25) continua dentro del sector electrico (12/06/2003) Reglamentos Reglamentos internos de 20 de Internos (20) los 28 Comites de Dialogo Social Sectorial Europeo.
This conference, organised by EURELECTRIC, EPSU and EMCEF, examines the impact of an ageing workforce in the electricity industry.
I am fully behind the fight against global climate change, but unless the chemical sector and all manufacturing industries are able to use benchmarking rather than the current auctioning proposals on allocations, I fear the loss of many thousands of jobs and little environmental progress," said EMCEF General Secretary Reinhard Reibsch.
According to EMCEF, the competition to which the internal gas and electricity market Directives will give rise could lead some operators to cut costs at the expense of employment, and health and safety.
EMCEF considers that the liberalisation of electricity markets "has reached a very advanced stage".
EMCEF is worried about concentration in the oil industry.
In a Resolution adopted at its congress in Stockholm on June 8-10, EMCEF says the proposal "would result in a Europe of social competition in which creative employers delocalise to the country with the lowest fiscal, social and environmental requirements".
EMCEF goes on to make a more general attack on the Directive: "we cannot accept an ultra-liberal Europe that is subservient to nothing but the laws of the market and treats employees as mere commodities .
The EMCEF shares the view that all opportunities and risks in the stated areas must be analysed in order to prepare the measures necessary to control increasing energy demand and its rational use, but is of the view that a considerable reduction in conventional energy generation is not to be expected in the near future on account of potential energy savings and renewable energy products alone.
The agreement establishes a framework for EMCEF to contribute to the future development of the Responsible Care initiative in Europe.
The EMCEF says a drastic cut in conventional energy generation is not to be expected in the near future through potential energy savings and renewable energy products alone.
EMCEF held a meeting with its member unions in Brussels on October 21 in order to decide what action to take at national and European level.