EMCEFEuropean Mine, Chemical and Energy Workers' Federation
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It is binding on members of the ECEG and EMCEF but does not replace provisions in the same area adopted at national, regional or company level.
Erik Macak, secretary of EMCEF, also stressed the practical nature of the guide.
This conference, organised by EURELECTRIC, EPSU and EMCEF, examines the impact of an ageing workforce in the electricity industry.
ETUC and EMCEF have therefore decided to support the information campaign launched by the EU institutions and pass on to employers the information resources that they have prepared.
"I am fully behind the fight against global climate change, but unless the chemical sector and all manufacturing industries are able to use benchmarking rather than the current auctioning proposals on allocations, I fear the loss of many thousands of jobs and little environmental progress," said EMCEF General Secretary Reinhard Reibsch.
Under the watchful patronage of the European Commission's DG Employment, this first meeting brought together some 40 participants from Eurogas, the European Mine, Chemical and Energy Workers Federation (EMCEF) and the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU).
Representatives from the European Mine, Chemical and Energy Workers' Federation (EMCEF) will have the right to be present during the BASF European Works Council and the SE supervisory board meetings.
Also picking up on the loss of 300,000 jobs was Jean-Francois Renucci, Deputy General Secretary of the European Mine, Chemical and Energy Workers' Federation (EMCEF).
To assist in building a sustainable energy policy that serves the interests of social progress for all employees and for all citizens, the EMCEF has identified a number of courses of action: establishment of a European public service for the supply of gas and electricity; establishment of a right of access to energy; and development of a job pool to counterbalance the negative effects of liberalisation.
Summary:The European Mine, Chemical and Energy Workers' Federation (EMCEF) has unveiled its concerns over the future for jobs in the energy industry.
In a joint declaration published in Krakow, Poland, chemical industry social dialogue partners, the European Mine, Chemical and Energy Workers' Federation (EMCEF) and the European chemical industry workers group (a member of CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council) reaffirm their wish to see the emergence of "balanced and effective legislation on the safety of workers and the users that can be implemented, avoiding all unnecessary red tape which would risk damaging the European chemical industry's future".