EMCIExternal Memory Control Interface
EMCIEngineering Management Certification International (New York, NY)
EMCIEnvirofacts Master Chemical Integrator
EMCIEngineering Model Configuration Inspection (US NASA)
EMCIEuropean Maritime Certification Institute (Netherlands)
EMCIEntertainment Marketing Communications International (New York, NY)
EMCIEuropean Master's in Conference Interpreting (Switzerland)
EMCIEerste Monteur Communicatie Installaties (Dutch: First Mechanic Communication Equipment)
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According to Heather Santa Maria, director of EMCI, "In today's marketplace, an engineer wears many hats.
There is an EMCI Body of Knowledge Committee that oversees and updates the content.
In 2008, the American Society of Engineering Management approached EMCI to collaborate on a unified Body of Knowledge, whereby their subject-matter expertise would lend strength and credibility to the industry-based perspectives of the other professional societies.
Upon the merger with EMCI, all those holding certificates under the CEM program had their credentials converted to EMCI certification designations.
EMCI is to be administered and managed by ASME, with an advisory board of directors.
Much of this is due in large part to rapid acceptance by the consumer market and implementation of narrowband PCS advanced messaging services such as two-way and digital voice services, according to EMCI.