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EMCONEmission Control
EMCONEmanation Control
EMCONEmitter Controlled (Diodes)
EMCONElectromagnetic Emission Control
EMCONEmergency Condition
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EMCON, a subsidiary of Al Shola Transport, has rolled out the platform across its offices in the UAE and Qatar.
EMCON is to provide cold end exhaust systems and Saturn is to develop the solid state electronics modules for Volkswagen's new sedan from Saturn's headquarters in Auburn Hills.
We identified this very real hazard, weighing the training value of an EMCON drill against the safe recovery of two tired crews.
As a part of this three-year agreement, EMCON will supply deployable secure communication suites, with a contract ceiling value of USD15m, of which the customer has reportedly already exercised USD3.
US communications holding company AT&T Inc (NYSE: T) announced on Wednesday (19 December) that the company has signed a five-year contract with EMCON Technologies, a provider of global emission technology, for AT&T's suite of managed voice and data services.
As a wholly owned subsidiary of EMCON of San Mateo, California, EMCON Alaska is an Alaska incorporated company with national resources.
Liddie include Vice President of EMCOM, a publicly-held environmental engineering company headquartered in Silicon Valley, Chief Financial Officer of EMCON Associates, Inc.
By 1956, Emery had expanded overseas with its first international office in London, and was a leader in supply chain technology as early as 1969 when it introduced its computerized tracking and tracing system called EMCON.
The regional hub will house Emery's regional "data center" and be supported by the latest in data and telecommunications, which includes various Asia Pacific servers to manage its communications, accounting, logistics and EMCON 2000 systems.
NYSE:CNF), has implemented a new integrated version of its sophisticated freight management and tracking system, EMCON 2000, at its service centers in Germany.