EMCPExport Management and Compliance Program (US DOC)
EMCPEmergency Management and Continuity Planning
EMCPElectronic Modular Control Panel
EMCPElectromagnetic Compatibility Program
EMCPElectro-Mechanical Comfort Provider (Pakistan)
EMCPEncrypted Mobile Content Protocol (telecommunications)
EMCPElectro-Magnetically Coupled Patch Antenna
EMCPEnhanced Military Custody Program
EMCPElectromagnetic Communications Program
EMCPEmergency Medical Care Provider
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The EMCP II+ is applicable for all gen-set applications, including standby prime and load management," said Dick Stinson, product marketing supervisor, Caterpillar Electrical Power Generation Group.
The state's GO EMCP notes carry its full faith and credit pledge.
Approximately 40% of EMCP III is composed of limited partners that invested in Evercore Mexico Capital Partners II.
EMCP employs a set of mechanisms to allow users to share their data among each other in the network to form a group to attain collaborative privacy.
The EMCP notes program (in an amount not to exceed $200 million) will have original maturities from one to 90 days from the original issue date of each note.
Evercore will commit to invest capital in those successor funds consistent with the level of carried interest it owns and will retain its carried interest and its capital interests in the existing EMCP funds, which have an aggregate carrying value of USD 12.
EMCP III plans to invest USD15m - USD30m per investment opportunity.
General obligation notes and bonds, including EMCP, are secured by the state's full faith, credit, and taxing powers, as well as the statutory irrevocable appropriation of a first lien on all state revenues for debt service.
Approximately $71 million petroleum fee EMCP, affirmed at 'F1+'.
The EMCP notes are secured by the proceeds of notes or other obligations issued by EFC, pledged recipient repayments, and a subordinate commitment on EFC's equity account, which consists de-allocated reserves from bonds issued under EFC's master trust agreement including the senior and subordinate 1991 MFI pooled program (SRF bonds rated 'AAA', Stable Outlook by Fitch), the New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority program (senior and subordinate bonds rated 'AAA' and 'AA+' by Fitch, respectively) and the senior and subordinate 2010 MFI pooled program.
EMCP notes may also refund outstanding EMCP notes and pay costs of issuance.
The 30nm-class LPDDR2 DRAM chip in the new eMCPs performs a key role in enhancing the performance of entry- to mid-level smartphones with a data transmission speed of 1,066 megabits per second (Mbps), which doubles the performance of the industry's previous mobile DRAM (MDDR).