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EMDEEmerging Markets and Developing Economies
EMDEElectronic Medical Data Exchange (trademark of CyberMedx Medical Systems)
EMDEEndoscopic Microsurgical Dissection of the Esophagus (endoscopy)
EMDEEmerging and Developing Economy
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Por sua vez, a hipotese da regulacao emocional baseia-se no pressuposto de que as criancas modificam, ou evitam retratar, as interacoes familiares negativas, para evitar o confronto com as emocoes por elas despertadas, sendo as suas narrativas permeadas por mecanismos de regulacao emocional (Toth, Cicchetti, Macfie, & Emde, 1997).
On the other hand, hired as the new head of product strategy, Brian Emde will focus on enhancing the broker-dealer's product tools and technology to drive greater efficiency in advisors' financial practices.
Miranda Emde fell in love with Rome, so she went looking for a job at the Holy See.
For instance, in Sina Emde's chapter on Cambodian national memorial sites people find agency to their suffering by personalising the national history.
(10) Joachim Emde, editor, Die Nebelwerfer: Entwicklung und Einsatz der Werfertruppe im Zweiten Weltkrieg, Podzun-Pallas Verlag, Friedberg, 1979, p.
On the local road race and cyclo-cross circuit, he was a member of EMDE sports club in Washington state and won several races for his age category.
Sina Emde shows how these two sites provide powerful stimuli for the personal memories recalled before the tribunal established to try senior Khmer Rouge leaders, and how these accounts and associated ritual commemoration of the dead feed into the construction of collective memories with the potential to challenge the hegemony of state historiography.
Reichl points to Fish and Game in Hudson, New York, whose wife-and-husband chef team, Jori Emde and Zakary Pelaccio, are "clearly emphasizing training the people who work for them."
It was published in 1978 in conference proceedings appropriately titled "Interfaces Between Computer Science and Operations Research" (Lenstra, Rinnooy Kan, & van Emde Boas, 1978).