EMDGExport Market Development Grants (Australia)
EMDGExpeditionary Medical Dental Group (US Air Force overseas medical unit, Iraq)
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forces' departure from JB Balad, the 332nd EMDG ensured the legacy of the AFTH, which served more than 35,000 people, was upheld.
In February 2007, the 455th EMDG, Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan, became the first Air Force unit to use the MC4 system.
Donna Smith, 332nd EMDG chief operating room nurse.
The Women in Export program encourages networking amongst women exporters and business groups to raise awareness of programs such as EMDG.
The EMDG was a big help in getting our export business started, says Roughley.
As for the EMDG scheme, Vaile says the Government has "full confidence in the value of the scheme to Australian exporters and in Austrade's administration of the scheme".
One of the main support programs being promoted by ABL is the Federal Government's $150 million Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) scheme, which provides assistance to small and medium Australian exporters who are looking to start exporting.
They also run the Export Market Development Scheme (EMDG) that provides financial support to exporters.
The site offers financial and regulatory information, and links to both State and Federal assistance programs including the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG).
Were also investing an additional $60 million in the Export Market Development Grants Scheme (EMDG) over the next three years.
Contract Awarded for EMDG 2014-15 Grant Year Maintenance and Enhancement
That means eligible businesses can plan their exporting efforts in the knowledge that adequate funding for EMDG grants will be available to support them.