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EMDSEnterprise Management Decision Support (US Army)
EMDSElectromagnetic Design System (Agilent)
EMDSEcosystem Management Decision Support (software)
EMDSEnterprise Mobile Data Security
EMDSEmergency Data System
EMDSElectronic Medical Data Systems (Austin, TX)
EMDSEnhanced Mass Data Storage
EMDSElectrical Munitions Disposal System
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Our Offer and Order Management is a hybrid solution of today's PNR, ETKT and EMD and the newer concept of order management used within retail industry.
eMDs and Aprima independently embarked on platform modernization programs prior to the acquisition.
(16) In light of this information, the null hypothesis of this study was that the combination of EMDs with SCTG+CAF does not have an impact on aesthetic and clinical success of gingival recession treatment.
The conflicts that EMDs experience in triage decisions are different from those they experience at the scene.
Two men wearing electronic monitoring devices (EMD) marking criminal offenders have been arrested for allegedly robbing a convenience store here yesterday.
Many algorithms have been proposed for elliptic seizure detection within the time-frequency domain such as empirical mode decomposition (EMD) [6, 7] and wavelet transformation [810].
Given that respondents from the EMDs exposed to violence are only affected by trauma effects and/or stigma effects, we have
McArthur's review (2008) found use of EMDs was likely to be cost-effective in the UK.
With a limited number of ambulances and paramedics, 999 calls must be prioritised so life-threatening conditions are dealt with first - and that's down to 32 EMDs at the new hub, and another one in Exeter.
Emergency Medical Responder: Your First Response in Emergency Care is based on the new National EMDS Education Standards and is a 'must' for any who would take EMR training.
The Web Browser includes Administration, Registration, and Searching User Interface (UI) as the three main user interface phases of the EMDS. The system also includes three groups of users: the general user, the operator (i.e., the data inputter), and the administrator.