EMDVEggplant Mottled Dwarf Virus (plant pathology)
EMDVExpendable Mine Disposal Vehicle (various locations)
EMDVEnvironmental Management and Development (graduate diploma; Australian National University)
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3 EMDV = (1-m)[jDVY + (1-j)DVL] + mPTU Physician's expected utility m Weight of patient's utility in physician's objective function, O [is less than or equal to] m [is less than or equal to] 1 [Y.
III hull-mounted mine-hunting sonar, R-Ster EMDVs and a Thales DUBM-44 towed synthetic aperture sonar introduced to reduce the time required to survey an area for threats.
They are equipped with a dedicated mission package centred on Teledyne Reson's SeaBat sonar, K-Ster EMDVs and Alister-9 AUVs.