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EMEÉcole Modèle d'Electronique (French: Model School of Electronics)
EMEÉconomie et Management des Entreprises (French: Economics and Business Management)
EMEEarth - Moon - Earth (moon bounce radio)
EMEEmerging Market Economy
EMEEncrypted Media Extension
EMEEstado-Maior do Exército (Portugal)
EMEElectromagnetic Energy
EMEElementary Mathematics Education (Middle East Technical University)
EMEEuropéenne de Montage et d'Equipement (French: European Mounting and Equipment)
EMEÉtablissement Médico-Éducatif (French: Medical and Educational Establishment)
EMEElectromagnetic Environment
EMEElectromagnetic Emission
EMEÉcole des Métiers de l'Environnement (French: School of Environmental Careers)
EMEEarly Modern English
EMEElectronic Music Ensemble (various locations)
EMEElectromagnetic Effects
EMEÉquipement et Maintenance Électrique (French: Electrical Equipment and Maintenance)
EMEEmpyrean Energy PLC (UK; stock symbol)
EMEEducation Made Easy (various locations)
EMEExternat Médico-Educatif (French: Medical-Educational Externship)
EMEElectrical & Mechanical Engineers (UK & Commonwealth army)
EMEEarly Myoclonic Encephalopathy
EMEExpertise, Mesures, Environnement (French: Expertise, Measurement, Environment)
EMEEligible Medical Expenses (health insurance)
EMEEgypt and Middle East Co. (est. 1975)
EMEEmergency Management Exercise
EMEExtraordinary Minister of the Eucharist
EMEEpiscopal Marriage Encounter
EME[not an acronym] California Mexican Mafia
EMEEnter Missing Endangered (child disappearance; NCIC form datum)
EMEÉtudes Médias Engineering (French: Engineering Media Studies)
EMEElectronic Music Expo Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii)
EMEEIFEL Message Editor (WCCS)
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The licensing aspect is simple; the EME specification easily supports multiple DRMS in the same source file.
Using similar methods, one can have these probabilities for the EME and COV detectors as
The different components of CFRP and their fracture processes are likely to generate different kinds of EME signals (in fact, different EME signal characteristics for the individual components have already been reported [1,12]).
Therefore the potential correlation between seismic activity and EME signals could be tested immediately.
The EME is simultaneously a natural and a man-made environment.
In addition to the coal plants in Illinois, EME owns more than 3,000 mw of additional natural gas-fired and wind generation in several other states.
Similarly, SCE operations are separate from EIX and EME consistent with prevailing California Public Utilities Commission regulations.
As you'll see, this is important, because while the penetration of HTML5-compatible browsers is closing in on 98%, the percentage of browsers that support MSE and EME is much, much lower.
Additionally, EME will file a motion to seek approval of the plan sponsor agreement with the US Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois on 18 October 2013 and it also stated that if its board of directors decides under its fiduciary duties that another proposal or proposals is better than this transaction, then NRG will have advance notice of EME's intent to terminate the purchase agreement and NRG will receive a cash fee of USD65m and expense reimbursement to the extent the plan sponsor agreement and asset purchase agreement are terminated.
Theo Fennell first announced it was holding preliminary talks with EME at the beginning of September last year.
If the interest payments are not made prior to the expiration of the grace period on December 17, 2012, then generally either the trustee or the holders of not less than 25% in aggregate principal amount of the bonds may declare the entire principal amount of the bonds and the interest accrued there-on to be due and payable immediately," EME said.
EME signal can be detected by capacitive electrodes placed on the sample surfaces of low electrical conductivity.