EMECEuropean Marine Energy Centre
EMECEuropean Marine Equipment Council (Brussels, Belgium)
EMECEuropean Mineral Engineering Course (est. 1998)
EMECElectromagnetic Environmental Compatibility
EMECElectromagnetic Effects Capability (US NASA)
EMECEastern Maine Electric Cooperative, Inc.
EMECEngineered Manufacturing and Equipment Company (Marysville, OH)
EMECElectrical Maintenance Engineering Center
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ICIT and EMEC are keen to build the BioFREE network of partners, and urge interested parties to get in touch.
For more established device developers--meaning those with prototypes already in the water on test at EMEC and elsewhere--FloWave is seen as an opportunity to run model-scale tests on revised designs that incorporate the 'lessons learned' from actually having a device in the water.
Stuart Baird, operations director of EMEC, said: "We are delighted that Wello has reached this stage in their testing programme.
The average annual growth rate beginning in 2008, the starting year for the EMEC calculations, and ending in 2020 has thus been reduced by more than 0.
Abbreviations for collections are as follows: DMNS = Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Denver, Colorado; EMEC = Essig Museum of Entomology, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, California; FSCA = Florida State Collection of Arthropods, G ainesville, Florida; SDMC = San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego, California.
EMEC (Editorial de Musica Espanola Contemporanea) E-040, 2000.
Peter Nicholls of Nicholls Thermal Insulation, told the court that he had been commissioned to do an asbestos survey by EMEC, a member of the design team for the pub conversion project, in October 1998.
EMPRESA ELECTRICA EMEC, de Chile, vendio el 58% que tenia en la argentina Agua Negra a un consorcio integrado por Jose Cartellone Construcciones Civiles, la Empresa de Distribucion Electrica de Tucuman y la Compania Electrica de Inversion, en US$72 millones.
Samancor has a chrome alloy production capacity of over 900,000 t, which is currently about one-third of EMEC output.
EMEC is so remote that most of its electricity either comes from Canadian Utilities or is wheeled through Canada.
In so doing it is alleged to have been the secret hand behind the killings of two prominent secular writers, Turhan Dursun and Cetin Emec as well as those of another pro-secular academic, Bahriye Ucok.
CEO of Laminaria, Steven Nauwelaerts, said: With the completion of the latest tank testing we are confident our WEC will be able to handle the challenging wave resource at EMEC and more.