EMEDSExpeditionary Medical Support (US DoD)
EMEDSElectro-Mechanical Expulsion De-Icing System (aircraft ice-protection system)
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How are you able to motivate buy-in and implement eMeds on such a massive scale, to fully enable a digitally integrated health system while expanding by nearly 100 sites?
Consistent interaction with all clinicians, clearly communicating the "why" behind decisions and standardizing the eMeds build make it possible.
The Air Force's EMEDS unit provides individual bed-down and theater-level medical services for deployed forces or select population groups.
The EMEDS has a similar modular and scalable design as the Army field hospital, and it allows the Air Force to deploy medical capabilities ranging from a small team that provides highly skilled medical care for a limited number of casualties to a large medical system that can provide specialized care to more than 6,500 people.
"I think because we run through Army BAS, MBAS and Air Force EMEDS, we've had a taste of each to go anywhere and we would have a good idea of what's available, what type of support we'd have and what our command structure is," Wu said.
"When injured troops are brought into a BAS or an EMEDS unit, they don't really care whether the people taking care of them are Army, Navy or Air Force.
As well as having seven lighter EMEDS strategically placed throughout Iraq and Afghanistan in support of the troops there.
So we put an EMEDS personnel package into the New Orleans Airport as soon as that runway was open--that was one of the first capabilities that went in.
Once the infant arrived, the 506th EMEDS team began working to save his life.
The EMEDS system was built in 1999 to replace the large air-transportable hospital.
We are a very small niche." Luszko says buying discounted products through Emed Stores is typically more affordable than paying the corresponding rental fees with Medicare.