EMEDSExpeditionary Medical Support (US DoD)
EMEDSElectro-Mechanical Expulsion De-Icing System (aircraft ice-protection system)
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We leave that EMEDS now run by the host nation or the NGO, leaving that in place for the foreseeable future.
We can flow that theater hospital or that EMEDS into the strategic spot to provide that interim en route care in order to ensure that we are improving the condition as we move back through the system.
So we miniaturized, we modularized, we became much more light, lean and life saving, and we evolved to the EMEDS and the CCATT, our Critical Care Air Transport Team Construct.
This study made no attempt to validate or invalidate the EMEDS or aeromedical evacuation concepts.
The complexity of the EMEDS and aeromedical evacuation consolidation issue could have justified multiple studies easily.
The following are two mission impacts of consolidation: EMEDS and aeromedical evacuation capability would be built, stored, maintained, reported, sourced, and deployed from one or just a few locations, and the fewer locations would ship that capability through fewer APOEs.
Consolidation creates large concentrations of CONUS EMEDS and aeromedical evacuation UTCs that could represent a significant loss of medical capability if made unavailable (for example, natural disaster, fire, and terrorist attack).
This study concludes that EMEDS and aeromedical evacuation can be consolidated to better facilitate deployment operations, Air Force Manpower Standard 5530, Medical Logistics, should be revised, the effects of consolidation would have a minimal impact on the current training methodology, and readiness reporting should be assigned to the organization with the physical custody of the materiel.
This study recommends that the Air Force Medical Service consolidate EMEDS and aeromedical evacuation UTCs at KeIIyUSA, the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) should request that Air Force Manpower Standard 5530 be recomputed for the management of medical WRM, and the Air Force Medical Service should task AFMLO to report readiness on EMEDS UTCs located at KellyUSA.
Consolidating all the 31 EMEDS and aeromedical evacuation UTCs at a single site increases the possibility of getting dedicated airlift, which helps ensure the medical capability is attained at the right place, at the right time.
Consolidation of both EMEDS and aeromedical evacuation increases quality control of the UTCs by having a small cadre of personnel whose primary job is to manage these UTCs on a day-to-day basis.