EMEEEarly Myoclonic Epileptic Encephalopathy
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The EME by entropy (EMEE), which is of the entropy formula form XlogX, is actually a measure of the entropy, or information, in the contrast of the image [30].
The EMEE measure is suitable for images with attributes like noncomplex segments or small size complex segments, nonperiodic patterns in segments, and randomness because of the inclusion of entropy.
To this end, the EMEE project explored how effective mentors, such as Mary, supported student teachers during their practice teaching.
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We thank Casey Wichman and the participants of seminars, conferences and workshops at FEEM Venice, Cornell University, ETHCER Zurich, and EMEE 2013 in Ottawa for their helpful comments.
For netizen Emee Julian, Wurtzbach's answer was a calculated one.
Marks, Michael Murray, Brian Evans, and Emee Vida Estacio
Duterte named Arnelyn May Abdon, Euvimil Nina Asuncion, Lilia Tan, Emee Macabales, and Mark David Ablang, as directors at the Department of Finance (DOF).
Emee Marjorie Dy of Manila Figure Skating Club led the delegation and was triumphant in the basic junior ladies category, her second straight conquest in the division.
Other skaters who churned out successful stints and won the gold medal in the respective categories include Amanda Sophie Hernandez (Basic Juvenile Girls), Kate Orrock (Basic Pre Novice), Ann Cathryn Lagemann (Basic Pre-Novice Girls), Diane Gabrielle Panlilio (Basic Novice Subgroup A Girls) and Emee Marjorie Dy (Basic Junior Ladies).