EMENAEurope, Middle East and North Africa
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Zone EMENA saw positive growth across all sub-regions and categories, with petcare and coffee the main contributors.
management support to specific microfinance projects in Morocco and Tunisia, but also on other projects in the EMENA region as
In order to be able to offer the necessary service & support to the current projects of MHI / MPSE in the EMENA area, MP will attract extra workers in the years to come, ranging from engineers and technicians to mechanics, electricians, metalworkers etc.
The project consists of establishing (i) a regional DARP Investment Vehicle for mobilizing private sector capital to acquire and manage an economic interest in pools of non-performing loans ( NPLs ) across several markets in Europe, Middle East & North Africa ( EMENA ) and (ii) a regional NPL servicer to service the acquired NPLs (the Project ).
Leasing companies are essential to drive IFCs SME programs across Europe and Central Asia, said Kudret Akgun, IFC EMENA Regional Manager for the Financial Institutions Group.
based in EMENA region, ideally but not necessarily in Cairo, Belgrade, or Istanbul.
The Consultant will primarily be responsible for providing support to the Results Measurement Specialist engaged with MAS and CAS in EMENA.
ii) Promoting south-south investments: Based in Turkey, operational mostly in CIS countries, RHOL is expected to become an investment platform through which IFC will be supporting S-S investments in EMENA and Africa regions;
Tier 1, high-quality ET Solar modules will be installed at these two plants, and the projects will be based on German engineering from the EMENA headquarters in Munich, Germany.
International Finance Corporation is seeking to recruit an international individual consultant for the position of SME Banking Advisor to support development and enhancement of SME Banking advisory services of IFC in the EMENA region.
IFC promotes development by mobilizing financing for the private sector, which is what differentiates us from commercial financiers, said Edward Strawderman, Regional Head of Industry, IFC EMENA Financial Institutions Group.