EMENGElectromagnetic Energy
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The Hatta sasi poles comprise whole undecorated trunks some 30 cm in diameter, fashioned simply from kayu emeng (a wood resistant to sea-worms and other marine organisms) by removing the crowns and branches of one or two small trees.
On the other hand, the self-denial in her view of women often led her to take a negative stance, and sometimes even to go to such an extreme as to observe as does "a blind person [who sees] darkness in daylight." As this tendency guided her insight into the realm of subconsciousness, it also reinforced the "dark" and depressing strains in her poetry and drove her to utter her own feelings on the boundary of reality and reverie, life and death: "Dreams appear to know something, from the depth of my eyes / I see a time that has forgotten to flower / Put pressure on the dusk" ("Yuyan" [Foreboding], 5-6); "I raise my head up to the moon in different places / The whole face showing death causes the stones / To expose themselves under the stars" ("Emeng" [Nightmare], 24).
Raval said Morales, the head or Lord Grand Triskelion, was present along with Pope Bautista (secretary), Trex Garcia, Hans Tamaring, alias Navoa, alias Rey Jay, alias Mike, alias Kurt, alias Louie and alias Emeng, the master initiator.