EMEPEnvironmental Monitoring, Evaluation and Protection (New York)
EMEPEuropean Monitoring and Evaluation Program (monitoring and evaluation of long range transmission of air pollution)
EMEPEmegin Partisi (Turkish: Party of Labour)
EMEPEthnic Minority Enterprise Project (London, England, UK)
EMEPEerste Monteur Elektrotechnische Panelen (Dutch: First Mechanic Electrical Panels)
EMEPElectronic Media Education Program
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The spatial distribution of the population (age- and sex-stratified) in Europe was determined for the year 2000 by intersecting the census data (in 5-year age groups and stratified by sex) for LAU 2 regions with EMEP grid cells.
Among the stations were two Estonian stations: Lahemaa, a background EMEP station, and Kohtla-Jarve, an industrial (oil shale chemistry) region station.
Anthropogenic emissions in the Spanish area were obtained from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAGRAMA); for the rest of the European domain we took EMEP (for Pb and Cd) and TNO (for As and Ni) emission database.
20) EMEP es el acronimo de European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme.
Com o objetivo de avaliar a existencia significativa nas pontuacoes medias entre as variaveis dos instrumentos EMEP e BFP, utilizou-se a analise de correlacao de Pearson.
Feito o contato inicial com o cuidador e o consentimento para participar do estudo mediante a assinatura do TCLE, era introduzida a EMEP, de forma autoaplicada.
EMEP (2005), 'Transboundary Acidification, Eutrophication and Ground Level Ozone in Europe in 2003,' EMEP Status Report 2005, July 20, 2005.
217 ("The Executive Body shall utilize the Steering Body for the EMEP to play an integral part in the operation of the present Convention, in particular with regard to data collection and scientific cooperation.
N, 25[degrees]55'41"E) and Vilsandi (58[degrees]22'34"N, 21[degrees]50'42"E) represent natural background (reference) areas, which are also EMEP (co-operate programme for monitoring and evaluation of the long-range transmissions of air pollution in Europe) stations.
The deposition levels and precipitation concentrations are currently being measured within the EMEP (Co-operative Programme for the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Long-Range Transmission of Air Pollutants in Europe, co-ordinated by the UN/ECE) since 1994 at two stations; within the ICP IM (International Co-operative Programme on Integrated Monitoring) since 1994 at two stations and within the ICP Forest Level II at 6 stations since 1997.
processes, EMEP monitoring system adds which have additional verification capacity not contributed much utilized in practice.