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EMERALDEvent Monitoring Enabling Responses to Anomalous Live Disturbances (DARPA)
EMERALDEuropean Medical Radiation Learning Development (Leonardo EU consortium in medical physics training since 1997)
EMERALDEnhanced Measurement for Early Risk Assessment of Latent Defects
EMERALDEnvironmental Management Exchange and Resource Alliance for Local Development (UN Environment Programme)
EMERALDEuropean Multi-Mode Enhanced Radar Long Range Detection
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They stood a long time on the hilltop, feasting their eyes on the splendor of the Emerald City.
Only one place in the Land of Oz is fit to live in, and that's the Emerald City.
And Dorothy looked wonderingly at this lively appearing person, who had once assembled an army of women and driven the Scarecrow from the throne of the Emerald City, and even fought a battle with the powerful army of Glinda the Sorceress.
And now they came in sight of the Emerald City, and the people flocked out to greet their lovely ruler.
"How far is it to the Emerald City?" the girl asked.
But it is a long way to the Emerald City, and it will take you many days.
"Yes; he was one of those who helped Dorothy to destroy the Wicked Witch of the West, and the Winkies were so grateful that they invited him to become their ruler, -- just as the people of the Emerald City invited the Scarecrow to rule them."
"Dorothy went to the Emerald City to ask the Wizard to send her back to Kansas; and the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman went with her.
The green maiden was much astonished at the sight of so unusual a creature, for horses were unknown in this Land; but those who lived in the Emerald City were apt to be astonished by queer sights, so after inspecting the cab-horse and noting the mild look in his big eyes the girl decided not to be afraid of him.
The little man was clothed in black velvet, with many sparkling emerald ornaments decorating his breast; but his bald head and wrinkled features made him appear more amusing than impressive.
"But she left it in the Emerald City, with Ozma," declared the King.
"We must be some distance from the Emerald City," remarked the shaggy man.