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EMERGENCEEstimation and Mapping of Employment Relocation in a Global Economy in the New Communications Environment (UK)
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To conclude, maintenance of low dose infusion of dexmedetomidine (0.4 mcg/kg/hr) without bolus dose during nasal surgeries provides smooth and hemodynamically stable emergence and improved quality of recovery following extubation.
Emergence is one of the most significant events that directly influence the success of annual crops; its appearance must be fast, uniform and total so that a good productive potential is reached (SOLTANI et al., 2006).
Early sowing delayed time to start emergence and sowing of FH-142 at 15 April and FH-942 at 1 June exposed the seed to optimum temperature finally with the quick and maximum emergence percentage.
No matter how emergence is defined, the consensus among these definitions is that emergence stems from the interaction of subsystems of a complex system.
"The Emergence of the Gulf States" as a whole provides a new interpretive approach based on new research coupled with extensive reviews of the relevant literature.
Critique: The Emergence of One American Nation: The Revolution, the Founders, and the Constitution makes American history come alive.
A single spray of Confidor or Ematac at the time of first adult emergence (when 570 DD were accumulated) was very effective and reduced the adult population by more than 85%.
An important event in the life history of sea turtles is the emergence from the nest.
Inc., Goleta, California) was used to detect the bats and record each emergence flight on a Sony GV-D800 digital video recorder (Sony Corporation, Minato, Japan).
Because seed viability and emergence potential is ordinarily determined by standard germination test conditioning under optimum moisture and temperature, it fails to describe adequately the emergence performance under field conditions.
The emergence of intraverbals is an important process involved in categorization tasks, in which a nonverbal stimulus is related to its name and the name of the category it belongs to.