EMERPE-Marketing Enterprise Resource Planning
EMERPE-2C Multiyear ESM Replacement Program (US Navy)
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The main types of violations were: Late cancellation of electronic veterinary accompanying documents (ESHI); the lack of EMERP drawn up in FGIS Mercury; registration of the EIRRD without specifying all the required information; registration by users with the right of access Authorized person of the ESIA for products of animal origin related to certification of the highest veterinary risk; registration of the AUDM for products with expired shelf life; Illegal use of the site for receiving the EMC from third-party organizations, followed by registration of the EMERD to other companies.
The EMERPs registration through authorized persons of economic entities was respectively 45% in the Kostroma region, 49% in the Ivanovo region, and 2% through certified specialists in the Kostroma and Ivanovo regions.