EMEZElectron Microscopy Eth Zuerich
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Kunze (together with the EMEZ center of ETHZ) for the access to the laser cuffing, FTIR, DSC, and SEM equipments.
The authors gratefully acknowledge the support from the Microfabrication Center (FIRST), the Electron Microscopy Center (EMEZ), and Professor C.
The so-called phase contrast CT pictures show even smallest variations in the specimen's bone density with extremely high precision: Cross-sections of cavities where bone cells reside and their roughly 100 nanometer-fine interconnection network are clearly visible."Although the new nano-CT procedure does not achieve the spatial resolution currently available in electron microscopy, it can -- because of the high penetration of X-rays -- generate three-dimensional tomography images of bone samples," commented Roger Wepf, director of the Electron Microscopy Center of the ETH Zurich (EMEZ).