EMFEEndomyocardial Fibroelastosis
EMFEElectro-Magnetic Field Equation
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From (6a)-(6d), we know that (6a) is an FE scheme for [u.sub.h], [[gamma].sub.h], [v.sub.h] [member of] [V.sub.h] and that (6b)-(6d) is a new EMFE scheme for ([[gamma].sub.h], [[sigma].sub.h], [[lambda].sub.h]), ([g.sub.h], [z.sub.h], [w.sub.h]) [member of] [V.sub.h] x [W.sub.h] x [W.sub.h].
The finite element spaces [V.sub.h] and [W.sub.h] for the new EMFE method are chosen as finite dimensional subspaces of [H.sup.1.sub.0]([OMEGA]) and [([L.sup.2]([OMEGA])).sup.2], respectively.
In this section, we would like to give some numerical results for the coupling method of EMFE method and FE method proposed and analyzed in this paper.