EMFRElectromagnetic Field Radiation
EMFREmergency Medical First Responder (first aid)
EMFREast Manatee Fire Rescue (Florida)
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La Explotacion de Mujeres con Fines Reproductivos (EMFR), tambien llamada gestacion subrogada, es una realidad que se esconde a la vista de todos.
A: Mobile phones generate electro-magnetic field radiations (EMFR), through both thermal and non-thermal effects.
It is equipped with Wipotec's EMFR weigh cell for precision, reliability, and repeatability.
Uma destas esta relacionada aos efeitos nao elasticos (ENE) que abrangem fenomenos caracterizados como efeito de memoria de forma (EMF), efeito de memoria de forma reversivel (EMFR) e superelasticidade (SE).
JMAR, APS, JDF, and JSLIST are just a few of the considerations that concern joint MEDLOG managers in their support of PMTAFs, FSSGs, the EMFR and ASMCs in the KTO.
The possible reason for intensification of germination may be increasing metabolism in irradiation seeds and increase in substance consumption and more water absorption under effect of EMFr [22].