EMFsElectric and Magnetic Fields
EMFsEast Midlands Flying School (Castle Donington, Derbyshire, England, UK)
EMFsEmerging Markets Field Study (academic class; various universities)
EMFsExtracranial Magnetic Field Stimulation
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The majority of women who miscarried in the study did so after being exposed to EMFs of just 1.
Of particular concern are the effects EMFs may have on children.
In response, the real estate market has reacted to concerns about the health risks of EMFs and prices of homes near large transmission lines have dropped dramatically, usually selling at a discount.
While studies have varied as to whether EMFs can cause biological changes in humans or animals, physicists don't think any such effect is even possible.
The great majority of them found no evidence linking EMFs to human health problems.
To ensure that elevated magnetic fields would not interfere with equipment in these areas, professionals developed and implemented EMF mitigation measures during the design and construction of the new electrical facility.
coffeaeformis on agar containing a [Ca] that normally checked motility could be induced to move when exposed to specific ELF EMFs.
Pall's Letter to CA Legislators are references to 134 Scientific Reviews, each of which "provides from 12 to over a thousand individual citations showing health impacts of low intensity EMFs, EMFs that the telecommunications industry claims cannot have such effects.
Then there are massive amounts of ERs (electromagnetic radiations) from cell phones, EMFs for our Wi-Fi, and routers with signaling that is disrupting heart rhythms and neuronal signaling.
We know people have concerns about possible health effects of EMFs and we take this very seriously.
We conducted a study to investigate the effects of long-term (>4yr) exposure to EMFs emitted by mobile phones on auditoryfunction.
For us, lowering our exposure to EMFs is on that list of keeping a healthy home," says Stephanie.