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EMHEfficient Market Hypothesis
EMHExtra Magic Hours (Walt Disney World; Florida)
EMHEmergency Medical Hologram (Star Trek)
EMHEastern Maine Healthcare
EMHExtramedullary Hematopoiesis (pathology)
EMHElyria Memorial Hospital (Elyria, OH)
EMHEmerging Market Handset
EMHEarly Modern Human
EMHEducably Mentally Handicapped
EMHÉglise Methodiste d'Haiti
EMHElectronic Mail Host
EMHEmporia Marching Hornets (Emporia State University; Kansas)
EMHElso Magyar Helikoptermodellezo Sportegyesulet (Budapest, Hungary)
EMHEffective Minimum Height
EMHElectromagnetic Hazard
EMHEquipment Material Handling (various locations)
EMHElectro Mechanical Handling (Lynchburg, VA)
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Of the few studies performed on stock market efficiency in Saudi Arabia, most are done to test the conventional weak-form of the EMH.
Melanie Allen, Chief Executive Officer of EMH Prescient Investment Management, said they are thrilled to receive this global recognition.
EMH is seen in a variety of haematological disorders, including severe haemolytic anaemias (thalassaemia, sickle-cell anaemia, spherocytosis), leukaemia, lymphoma, myelodysplasia and myelofibrosis.
The strong-form EMH contends that security prices fully reflect all information from both public and private sources.
In 2008, EMH Regional Healthcare System implemented a talent tracking system from the Woburn, Mass.
Today, this Keynesian perspective is being taken up by Behavioral Finance (BF), a school of thought that began percolating at the margins of financial economics in the mid-1980's and which has since dethroned the EMH of its monopoly status in the discipline to become a formidable alternative.
Fama (1970) suggested three applicable models of EMH including Fair Game model, the Submartingale model, and the Random Walk model.
Similar results supporting EMH were obtained by Hong (1978), Ang and Pohlman (1978), Panas (1990), Frennberg and Hansson (1993), Dickinson and Muragu (1994), Seiler and Rom (1997), Liu et al (1997), Laurence et al (1997), Long et al (1999), and Lima and Tabak (2004).
EMH, a one-hospital system, joined with two other suburban Cleveland systems-- Parma Community General Hospital and Southwest General Health System--in mid-2011 to form CHC as a way of creating that critical mass.
I retired from the EMH and from nursing about ten years later, while continuing to work on a Federal anti-smoking project for the next two years.
EMH was developed by Eugene Fama, a finance professor at the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business and a Nobel Prize winner in economics.