EMHEExtreme Makeover: Home Edition (TV show)
EMHEEmergency Management for Higher Education (US Department of Education grant program)
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As Ty Pennington, his EMHE crew and hundreds of volunteers race against the clock to demolish and rebuild TFS in just seven days, visit www.
McQueen used the Spy Video Car to sneak a peek into EMHE host Ty Pennington's highly guarded secret project.
EMHE earned the 2005 and 2006 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Reality Program," as well as the 2005 and 2006 People's Choice Award for "Favorite Reality Show.
EMHE Design Team shopped Rotmans' 250,000-square-foot showroom with the help of Store Manager Joe Quintal.
Last fall, Allsteel worked with the show's design teams to provide contemporary, comfortable seating at the EMHE makeover project at the Los Angeles Free Clinic.
Within days of the first EMHE call, Allsteel had the requested product packed on a company truck and on its way to Washington, Texas.
EMHE has only seven days to makeover Camp Barnabas, and that leaves no room for downtime or equipment failure.
The EMHE crew will use more than 30 Cat machines and generators, provided through Fabick Rents, The Cat Rental Store, during the Teas family project.
com started posting and circulating open service requests for the EMHE project in Medford, OR.