EMHIEarly Mental Health Initiative (California)
EMHIEstonian Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (Ministry of Environment; Estonia)
EMHIEmerging Markets Homeownership Initiative (Minnesota)
EMHIElectro-Med Health Industries (Miami, FL)
EMHIEastern Massachusetts Healthcare Initiative (coalition)
EMHIEast Media Holdings, Inc. (est. 2002; Santa Fe Springs, CA)
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The patented technology developed by Solucorp Industries and purchased by EMHI is designed to make coal the primary source of power energy while reducing world dependency on foreign oil and other power sources.
Under the agreement EMHI Land will provide capital for Philand Ranch's Pointe91 project in Chu Lai.
EMHI recognizes the magnitude of this endeavor since success will not only bring in revenues, but will open the door to approval of its technologies not only in the United States but also in the European Union where many products which contain heavy metals have been banned from being sold in European Union member countries.
EMHI believes it is the cure and plans to actively pursue these markets.
Historically, most of the tide gauges operated by the EMHI were equipped with tide poles and had a sampling frequency of 2, 3 or 4 times a day.
In the present study, we have used the digitized EMHI database, which includes both monthly mean and extreme sea levels, as well as hourly data from selected tide gauges.
Authors would like to thank EMHI for kind cooperation to obtain wind data and especially head specialist Valeria Galuskina from client service department.
EMHI is a collaborative of hospitals, health plans, and universities with the shared vision for creating a high performance healthcare system for the region.
The authors are most grateful to the SMHI, especially to Dr Barry Broman, for providing help in retrieving the geostrophic wind data, to the EMHI for historical wave data and weather maps provided by Ivo Saaremae, and to Inga Zaitseva-Parnaste for providing digitized wave data from Vilsandi, Pakri, and Narva-Joesuu.
Wind measurements at the height of 10 m, which are of special interest in the current study, are not directly assimilated within the 3DVAR approach in HIRLAM at the EMHI.
Subsequently, via its parent EMHI and affiliated TV channels in the US, VHSN will also roll out TV shopping to key Asian communities (Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese and Korean) with mainstream possibilities.
EMHI capitalizes on the explosive growth of media throughout the ASEAN region and bridges the gap between East and West by importing high quality contents to the ASEAN region while simultaneously assisting in the development and distribution of ASEAN generated content to other parts of the world.